Production Process

Muga Silkworm seed production process.

The mandate of MSSO is to produce basic muga seed for further multiplication in its downstream multiplication strategy. The basic seeds are produced by its nested P4 and P3 units located in different muga growing areas. In addition, basic seed cocoons are also generated by the selected ASRs also. The disease free layings (DFL) are reared at P4 units and the seed cocoons thus generated are consigned in grainage for production of P3 DFLs. The P3 DFLs are reared in P3 units to produce seed cocoons which are used for production of P2 DFLs. This multiplication is done at CSB level.

In downstream multiplication, the P2 DFLs produced by P3 units are supplied to State Departments for rearing at their end to produce commercial DFLs after one more time multiplication at P1 level.

In addition MSSO is having two Muga silkworm seed production centre (MSSPC) which are producing muga commercial dfls.

Eri Silkwom seed production process

  •  Maintenance of parental stock at Eri Basic seed farm
  • Maintenance of stock at ASR level and production of dfls.
  • Generation seed cocoons through P1 ASR.
  • Production of commercial dfls by SSPCs.