Who’s Who

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Name & Designation

 Overall In-Charge For




Dr. Kartik Neog

Performance of Muga & Eri Seed Sector. Coordination with Central Office & other CSB Institutes. R&D issues of seed organization. Publicity, Media & Press Relations, Silkworm Seed Act, JCC on Muga and Eri Organization of international meetings, Congresses, Conferences, etc. Right to Information Act, Administration & Financial matters, Implementation of Official language.  

Phone: 0361-2369774 | 9435357211

Email: kartik.neog@gmail.com


Bidyut Nath Choudhury

Monitoring / coordination / Technical support / project review  and coordination with the field / State Sericulture Department / implementing agency and ensure smooth and speedy implementation of ongoing sericulture projects and also for future project programme implementation under Silk Samagra.

Phone: 9435087588

Email: pmcghy.csb@gmail.com


Dr. Birendra Nath Sarkar

Overall supervision of the technical works of Technical section. Annual Action Plan of MSSO, Work plan for Eri RFD (Eri) ISO/Geo Tagging matters, SMVP, Eri dfl Indent & supply. Implementation of Govt. policies, Scheme/Project. Nodal officer of ESSPC Bongara, P2 Eri Basic Seed Farm Topatoli.

Phone: 9435916605

Email: birendranathjohn@gmail.com


Dr. Mahananda Chutia

Annual Action Plan, Work plan for Muga, Annual Report, RFD (Muga), Muga dfl indent and supply. Correspondence with CO/DoS/CSB units, IRM meeting and follow up actions, Stores/purchase committee, Budget/Audit and Accounts related works, Nodal officer P4 unit Tura P3 units Adokgiri, Narayanpur, Kowabil, Kobulong, Pailapool and Hahim. 

Phone: 9435704853

Email: mahanaba@yahoo.co.uk


Dr. Lopamudra Guha

Compilation of Monthly, Quarterly, NERTPS progress reports, Annual Report, Maintenance and monitoring of technical data of all MSSO units, ATR, RCC/RAC, JCC, IRM Meeting, DCB matters, Nodal officer of P4 Mendipathar, P3 Rompara, Nongpoh, SSPC Kaliabari.

Phone: 9672781429

Email: lopasumi@gmail.com


Dr. Hridya H

Compilation of Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Report, Utilization of Additional Mandays in MSSO & ESSO Units, Eri indent and supply  schedule, Training, Extension programme, DBT, SMVP, CPC matters, IRM/ATRs/Circular/Office order with units, Nodal Officer of ESSPC Hosur.

Phone: 8078847356

Email: hridya004@gmail.com


Thokchom Leima Devi
Assistant Director (Comp)

Maintenance of Computer related maters. Maintaining all operation/transaction & TSA bank accounts of MESSO, Guwahati and its nested Units. Authorised for dispose of matter related to Income Tax, EPF, GSLIS of SFWs.

Phone: 9706106046

Email: thokchom.leima@gmail.com


    Manjunath C. A.    Assistant Director (A&A)

Overall supervision & monitoring of administrative division. Maintenance of Personal files of all the employees of MESSO, Guwahati and its nested Units. Correpondance related to RTI, Grievance, Disciplinary proceedings and Court Cases.

               Phone:9035686580                                                                                   Email:manju_cam@yahoo.co.in