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 Overall In-Charge For




Dr. Kartik Neog

Performance of Muga & Eri Seed Sector. Coordination with Central Office & other CSB Institutes. R&D issues of seed organization. Publicity, Media & Press Relations, Silkworm Seed Act, JCC on Muga and Eri Organization of international meetings, Congresses, Conferences, etc. Right to Information Act, Administration & Financial matters, Implementation of Official language.  

Phone: 0361-2369774 | 9435357211

Email: kartik.neog@gmail.com

Fax: 0361-2369708


Bidyut Nath Choudhury

Monitoring / coordination / Technical support / project review  and coordination with the field / State Sericulture Department / implementing agency and ensure smooth and speedy implementation of ongoing sericulture projects and also for future project programme implementation under Silk Samagra.

Phone: 9435087588

Email: pmcghy.csb@gmail.com

Fax: 0361-2369708


Dr. Birendra Nath Sarkar

Overall supervision of the technical works of Technical section. Annual Action Plan of MSSO, Work plan for Eri RFD (Eri) ISO/Geo Tagging matters, SMVP, Eri dfl Indent & supply. Implementation of Govt. policies, Scheme/Project. Nodal officer of ESSPC Bongara, P2 Eri Basic Seed Farm Topatoli.

Phone: 9435916605

Email: birendranathjohn@gmail.com

Fax: 0361-2369708


Dr. Mahananda Chutia

Annual Action Plan, Work plan for Muga, Annual Report, RFD (Muga), Muga dfl indent and supply. Correspondence with CO/DoS/CSB units, IRM meeting and follow up actions, Stores/purchase committee, Budget/Audit and Accounts related works, Nodal officer P4 unit Tura P3 units Adokgiri, Narayanpur, Kowabil, Kobulong, Pailapool and Hahim. 

Phone: 9435704853

Email: mahanaba@yahoo.co.uk

Fax: 0361-2369708


Dr. Lopamudra Guha

Compilation of Monthly, Quarterly, NERTPS progress reports, Annual Report, Maintenance and monitoring of technical data of all MSSO units, ATR, RCC/RAC, JCC, IRM Meeting, DCB matters, Nodal officer of P4 Mendipathar, P3 Rompara, Nongpoh, SSPC Kaliabari.

Phone: 9672781429

Email: lopasumi@gmail.com

Fax: 0361-2369708


Dr. Hridya H

Compilation of Monthly, Quarterly, Annual Report, Utilization of Additional Mandays in MSSO & ESSO Units, Eri indent and supply  schedule, Training, Extension programme, DBT, SMVP, CPC matters, IRM/ATRs/Circular/Office order with units, Nodal Officer of ESSPC Hosur.

Phone: 8078847356

Email: hridya004@gmail.com

Fax: 0361-2369708


Harakanta Mali
Assistant Director (A&A)

Overall supervision & monitoring of administrative division. Maintaining all operation/transaction & TSA bank accounts of MESSO, Guwahati and its nested Units. Authorised for dispose of matter related to Income Tax, EPF, GSLIS of SFWs and all service matter of Officers and Staff under MESSO, Guwahati.

Phone: 8822350413

Email: harkant1963@rediffmail.com

Fax: 0361-2369708